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How It All Began

In mid May 2017 my friend Jessica Prusa Flores, MD FACOG, also a colleague, and my personal gynecologist was excited and telling me all about this new "diet" she was following. I was intrigued, asked a few questions, and proceeded to laugh in her face. I replied "that will NEVER work and there's NO way that's healthy". This was all while she was telling me about Fat Coffee (Bulletproof Coffee), which for the record is a combination of butter, coconut oil, and stevia. She literally smiled at me and gracefully replied "as both your friend and doctor please be open minded enough and just read the book Keto Clarity". I continued to laugh at her crazy notion but downloaded the book onto my phone and started to read it over the rest of my lunch break.

After a long day working in Urgent Care, I came home exhausted, yet excited to tell Troy all about this crazy diet Jess told me about and this book I was reading. It was one of those moments you are sort of testing the waters...not sure what sort of response you are going to get... I was definitely one of those "perpetual dieters", spending loads of time and money on crap that didn't work and leaving me feeling life a failure, yet again... But I went for it with gusto!! Troy's initial response was definitely NOT what I had hoped for. His response was, "this is just going to be another thing that doesn't work, just another diet scam". Thankfully, I had read several chapters of the book already and convinced him to read the book with me!!

Over the course of 3 days we finished Keto Clarity and found ourselves open to trying something completely different than we had ever been taught before. Something that I was never taught in school. We had a discussion and mutual understanding that this would be a lifestyle change, not some "thing", some "quick fix". We committed to eating this way for at least 90 days and just see what happened. There was no excuses, no waiting until Monday, no waiting for the right opportunity or moment, just a decision to go all in and do it. We just RIPPED off the band-aid and jumped in with both feet!! We had now entered the land of low-carb, high fat living...

Initially this all started as a way to lose weight. Troy joined me on this journey out of support. About 6 weeks into our transformation journey we realized that we never wanted to go back to our old way of eating ever again. We also realized that this was becoming a journey of total transformation. The ultimate goal morphed into living a better version of ourselves, a better life, one that was far deeper than the food we were eating. And over 2.5 years later we are still on our path of transformation. How we began is vastly different than where we are now. We have tweaked and changed things over time as we have learned better ways. This is a work in progress, we shift things as we go along. It is by no means perfection!

We are forever grateful to Jess for helping us find a better way of life! To the authors of Keto Clarity, thank you for providing a research supported guide to get us started!! We definitely couldn't have come this far without the love, support, and encouragement from our friends, family, and mentors. Your success is determined by those you surround you with...they are either lifting you up or weighing you down! And Jess...thanks for making me eat CROW!

Life Lesson: When you replace judgement with curiosity, everything changes!

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