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Our Services

Why should you choose Revitalized Wellness?

Kristi Ross is dedicated to providing you extraordinary care from the comfort of your home or office through various telemedicine services. She believes in genuine preventable care that incorporates lifestyle Interventions, holistic and traditional Medicine. 
We believe that the relationship between clinician and patient is missing in healthcare. We are striving to restore that relationship to provide excellent healthcare in a caring, listening, and holistic environment. When you combine this with the improved accessibility that you’ll experience, it is remarkable how better the experience is. It’s like having a nurse practitioner in the family.

Kristi currently holds Advanced Practice Nursing licensure in Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, Oregon, and South Dakota. You must reside within one of these states for Urgent Care, Metabolic Health & Weight Loss services. 

Revitalized Wellness PLLC is credentialed to accept patients with the following types of health insurance: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Midlands Choice, United Healthcare, Medicare, Iowa, Nebraska & Oregon Medicaid. (Other insurance carriers are pending.)

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Primary Care.png

Primary Care

Revitalized Wellness offers convenient Primary Care from the comfort of your home or workplace.

Urgent Care.png

Urgent Care

Our virtual Urgent Care services can address anything from sinus infections, stomach flu, UTI’s, and everything in between.

Weight Loss.png

Metabolic Health &
Weight Loss

Our nutrition plan focuses on eating low carb, real foods that leave you feeling full and satisfied. No calorie counting required.

An individualized program that promotes your overall success and accountability.

Health Coaching.png

Health Coaching

Extensive coaching on a healthy lifestyle approach that focuses on the whole you.  Individualized plans that include nutrition, activity, sleep, mindset and stress management.

The Benefits of Revitalized Wellness

The ability to have unlimited access to a provider cannot be underestimated. Even more valuable is the fact that we bring the care to you. You will not have to leave your house or place of employment to be seen. Save sick and personal time! 

Where can patients be seen?

Kristi currently holds licensure to see patients in Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Oregon. 

* We are only seeing patients virtually at this time.

Hours of availability

*If it is a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

*In home visits are not available at this time.

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