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Kristi's Story

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Bottom comes to you to make a change.
No one but
YOU can do this!

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This is where our story began...

In May 2017, I was 36 years old, in a happy marriage, with a thriving career but I felt completely exhausted, both mentally and physically.  I was a size 24 women’s bottom and a 3 XL top. I stopped weighing myself when I hit 285 pounds (truth be told it was likely over 300 pounds). My husband wore a size 34-inch waist and weighed 195 pounds. 

I can honestly tell you I was at the lowest point in my life...I was depressed; my anxiety was at an all-time high, and I was experiencing panic attacks nearly every day. I was so fatigued that I felt I could fall over in a heap and sleep for days at any moment. I wished at times I would never wake up from this miserable existence. The anxiety had dug ulcers in my gut! I suffered from excruciating abdominal pain that interrupted me throughout the day.  Joint injuries were a part of my life. While on vacation while I was walking, I experienced tearing pain in my knee and my orthopedist told me I had torn my meniscus because I was too fat for my skeleton.  My standard American diet (SAD) had created an insulin-resistant state in my body which led to my diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).  PCOS left me infertile and depressed. 


At this point, I was taking multiple medications and dealing with multiple side effects. I had also tried multiple diets and supplements including Weight Watchers, Isagenix, and beach body, HCG injections, Arbonne.  My doctors and dietician preached calorie restriction and carb consumption for energy. I even tried starving myself with a medically managed program that restricted my calories to under 800 calories a day. This made me feel like SHIT.  Phentermine, meal replacement programs, and weight loss supplements were costly and did not work.  I was participating in various exercise programs with personal trainers and even considered bariatric surgery at this point...nothing helped. I was broken and felt completely defeated. But I knew this is not where I wanted my story to end. I was searching for something more, something better, something that would actually work.

Troy had his own struggles with diet, food addiction, and weight-related issues.  He suffered from chronic pain from an arthritic and was using high doses and inflammatories.  

During this time our diet was ATROCIOUS! Talk about processed foods, sugar, and tons of CRAP!

It was legit ridiculous you guys!!

In May of 2017, my gynecologist introduced me to a new way of eating.  I was completely skeptical and honestly thought she was nuts - even laughing in her face...but I did my research on it... 

Since we changed the way we eat, our lives changed in ways we could never imagine then. 

  • We can focus and think clearly...mental clarity is a REAL thing. Think of it as a light switch in your head!

  • Our mood and mindset are COMPLETELY different.

  • We both actually have tons of energy! And I actually choose exercise...I ran a 10-mile relay race and a half marathon. Mind you...I definitely was not a runner before, and I never dreamed I would be either! 

  • We sleep so much better, no more insomnia medications for me.

  • My cravings are gone, and I don’t want to eat ALL the time

  • My skin is so much clearer and we both look younger and younger every day. 

  • We no longer need or take any prescription medications.


 “One reason that people resist change is that they focus on what they have to give up, instead of what they have to gain.”


“You’re ALWAYS one decision away from a TOTALLY different life!” 

I share this so that people can see that there is hope. Change is possible. And I continue to lose weight. I am down over 115 pounds. Troy is down 50 pounds. We still follow our lifestyle change to this day. There is no “magic” and it definitely requires effort and consistency. It required us to make a shift in our minds and view this as a way of life, it's not something temporary or a thing you do...this is REAL life and how we live ours daily!!

Bottom comes to you to make a change. No one but YOU can do this!

In the process of trying to figure out how to improve my own lifestyle and health, I dove in headfirst and quickly became quite passionate about sharing it with others. I have spent countless hours researching and educating myself because the Standard American Diet and countless dieting attempts failed and left me feeling literally starved!!

This has become our passion project. There is nothing we love more than helping other people change their own lives in such a profound way. The stories from the lives we have impacted are simply incredible. We are helping to reeducate the world to anyone that is ready to change and willing to listen. It all started by unlearning everything I knew about nutrition and conventional medical advice.

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