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Commonly Used Medications To Help Treat Obesity

Obesity is a growing problem in the United States, with an estimated 93.3 million adults affected. The good news is that there are several medications available to help reduce weight and ultimately improve overall health. Here’s an overview of some of the most commonly used medications to treat obesity.

Phentermine: This prescription medication works by decreasing appetite and altering metabolism so that fewer calories are stored as body fat. It’s typically prescribed for short-term use and has been found to be effective in helping people lose at least five percent of their body weight when combined with diet and exercise.

Metformin: This drug not only helps control blood sugar levels but has also been found to result in modest weight loss. It works by reducing the amount of glucose released into the bloodstream after eating, resulting in less calories being stored as fat.

Semaglutide: new medication recently approved by the FDA to help treat obesity. It’s a once-weekly subcutaneous injection that works by suppressing appetite and increasing satiety (feeling full).

These are just a few of the different medications used to combat obesity. If you have concerns about your weight, it’s important to discuss them with your doctor who will evaluate your current situation and determine if any of these treatments may be right for you. With proper treatment, many patients have seen significant improvements in their overall health – including reductions in their waistlines! We are happy to help you with your weight loss journey at Revitalized Wellness. Please call or text (605)-423-7557 to schedule your appointment today.

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