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20 for 2020

I typically am focused on reviewing my goals from the previous year and setting new ones for the year ahead! My friend Val challenged me to a 20 for 2020!! So here is my year in review and my 20 for 2020!!

2019 was a huge year of change for us! We sold our home in Iowa and moved into an RV, leaving our family and friends in Iowa to set out for an adventuring lifestyle. I left behind the comforts of my Urgent Care job and the financial security it provided for us and transitioned into the crazy life of being a Locums provider where there are no guarantees...

My goals setting has led to several great accomplishments in 2019.

I attended the Metabolic Health Summit in January that completely shifted my focus for the ketogenic lifestyle and realizing the huge impact it can make in peoples lives. I set out to open my own online telemedicine practice. I became a Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist, completed the Primal Health Coaching course, and have nearly completed my Obesity Medicine Certification and attended a conference for that as well.

We have traveled entirely across the United States in our RV from Iowa down south to Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and California plus a couple trips to Canada. Climbing a mountain. I worked in the Grand Canyon for the spring and early summer and Oregon since July doing long hours of Urgent Care fulltime. As well as two trips back to Iowa. Married off my baby sister in the Florida Keys.

But 2019 was not all sunshine either, we also experienced hardships and challenges along the way...My first Locums job I was suppose to work fell through and left me unemployed for 4 months, our cherished Smokey dog passed away, I lost my my grandmother, learning that not everyone is cheering for you and some will try to destroy your life and tear you down, navigated RV life and multiple breakdowns/tire blowouts, figuring out life without the comforts we were accustomed to, learning to make friends and meet new people... all things I rarely discuss because it’s extremely important for me to focus on my mindset on positive things, not get enveloped by the negative crap, and prevailing at what I set out to do despite the setbacks!!

I’ve learned many lessons this year and experienced tremendous growth, all while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s set some goals for yourself!! Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow!

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