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Our mission is to offer a journey to a better you with a supportive environment that provides hope, inspiration, and encouragement.

The key to success is a customized plan.

At Revitalized Wellness our goal is to provide a simple, effective, high-quality lifestyle program at the convenience of the individual. Our focus is improving your overall metabolic health from the inside out, getting you off medication, optimizing your health, based on your needs.

Our first brick-and-mortar clinic is now open in Eugene, Oregon and offers in-person services for Primary and Medication-Assisted Therapy. 

You can access quality health care from the comfort of your own home or at our new clinic.

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Meet Kristi Ross, FNP-C

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Kristi is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She graduated with a Master's of Science in Nursing from Clarkson College in Omaha, Nebraska. Kristi specializes in a wide range of health issues including obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, PCOS and addiction. Kristi's patient-centered approach begins with intensive lifestyle changes including nutrition, physical activity, sleep hygiene, stress management, and improved mental health. She focuses on getting to the root of the issue, reversing disease, and getting you off medication to live an optimal life.

  • Board Certified with the American Academy
    of Nurse Practitioners

  • Board Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist
    with American Nutrition Association

  • Certificate of Advanced Education in Obesity Medicine from the Obesity Medicine Association

  • Certified Primal Health Coach

We're Hiring!

Revitalized Wellness is looking for a person to add to our team! If you enjoy helping people and the Eugene, Oregon community, our team could be the right fit for you.

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Medication-Assisted Therapy

Kristi has determined a dual diagnosis approach of mental health and addiction combined with wellness. MAT programs use medications to assist in the transition of drugs, and mindset, nutrition, wellness, and primary care are alongside this program. Learn more about her practice and how Kristi can help you!

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Metabolic Health

Revitalized Wellness offers excellent service with primary care from the comfort of your home or workplace. We partner with you to improve your health through real-time tracking of vitals, glucose, and body composition, along with telemedicine visits and coaching. We place our greatest efforts into preventing and reversing chronic disease, getting you off medications, and living your optimal life. 

What Clients Say

“When I started working with Kristy, I had very little understanding of what Keto was. I was 311 pounds and unhappy. It was baby steps and her exposing me to the delicious world of keto eating. When working with Kristy it was like working with your best friend. There was never any judgment, only understanding on what I was going through and suggestions on what steps to

take. Every question I had was answered in a reasonable amount of time, and there were lots of ‘Can I eat this or that?’. The answers were never just yes or no, but she took the time to explain why, and if it was a no, there were other ideas to substitute the item. As of Feb 2022, I am now down to 264 lbs. and now at 50 pounds of weight loss. Thank you, Kristy, for giving me my life back!” - Mark Parham

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This is a safe, private support group of people that are sharing in the keto lifestyle together. We welcome any level of low-carb, ketogenic experience. We're always sharing recipes, helpful tips, and answering keto questions. 

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